Practical information


If you fly via Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), keep an eye on the website as it tends to be busy, especially when departing. Upon arrival you can best take the train to Amsterdam CS or Amsterdam Zuid. The latter is more chill/less tourists and you can travel further via subway #52. In Amsterdam you can use the public transport by metro or subway (we only have a few subways). Alternatively you can rent a bike which is obviously very ‘local’ but can also be challenging. The best vehicle is off course the ‘Benenwagen’ (i.e. walking) but watch out for the other traffic. Especially dangerous are e-bikes as our visual systems does not seem to have adapted to their unexpected speeds (and their drivers are often ignorant of potential danger). When public transport stops at night you can take a taxi or uber. If you want to enjoy the most inefficient way of transport I suggest to rent a ‘Pedal boat’, but if you want to enjoy the canals in a less problematic way just take a canal cruise.


The ultimate experience is obviously renting a house boat, but these are rare and/or expensive. We do not have specific recommendations, there are many nice neighbourhoods, but it may be practical to check public transport to the conference venue. If you have specific questions please feel free to contact us.


The main activities will take place in and around the Oudemanhuispoort in Amsterdam. It is located very centrally in a beautiful old part of the city center. Indeed, you read it well, it is a physical location, not a zoom url. We are investigating how to be inclusive for people who cannot physically be present. Since we are an enthusiastic but small team, with limited resources and little experience with (successful) hybrid events, our main focus is the physical event, but feel free to reach out if you have nice ideas about hybrid possibilities.

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Take Covid into account

As most of you have experienced is that circumstances can change rapidly, both in positive and negative directions. We will do everything we can to accommodate a physical VSAC in Amsterdam, but be wise and book travel & accommodations with good cancellation policies.