VSAC 2022 really happened… the website now archives what exactly happened, as a starter below you can download the program booklet and enjoy some nice pictures taken by Yuguang Zhao.

Program booklet

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The Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) 2022 will be held in Amsterdam from 24-27 August. The VSAC invites all people that connect visual perception and the arts (e.g., empirical, experimental, philosophical, phenomenological, computational approaches).

The VSAC has been around since 2012 when Baingio Pinna organised it as a satellite symposium for the European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP). This year, the ECVP will be organised in Nijmegen (1,5 hours train travel from Amsterdam).  

VSAC 2022 theme: realities

This year, we will organise a number of activities around a central theme: ‘realities’. The plural form realities suggests a departure from the idea of reality understood as a singular, objective and universal thing. We invite a number of artists and scientists that work with and within different types of realities (cultural, virtual, digital, offline, online, scientific, fictional, speculative) and different perspectives (human, non-human, algorithmic) on realities to critically reflect on, or to enact, different histories and processes of world-building.

Participating artists are:

Edwin Zwakman
Coralie Vogelaar
Floris Schönfeld
Tine Melzer

General scope

The motivation behind a central theme is to organise a meaningful discussion between art and science. It is not meant as a restriction of the general contributions for the VSAC. As in previous years, we welcome novel work in the fields of visual art, perception & art, empirical aesthetics, vision related art history, philosophy of art and vision, computer graphics and art, etc.  In addition to these, we look very much forward to receiving submissions around the following topics:

  • Digital art history 
  • GAN / generative art 
  • Visual topics in art conservation
  • Art reproduction / digitization / visualisation
  • Style across space, time and media
  • Art experience in real vs virtual environments
  • The role of context (e.g. pedestal, frame, museum, etc)
  • etc

Provisional timeline

16-12-2021 Call for symposia
01-03-2022 Symposium submission closes
01-04-2022 Abstract submission site opens
15-04-2022 Notification of acceptance symposia
08-05-2022 Abstract submission closes
01-06-2022 Notification of acceptance
24-08-2022 Start VSAC Amsterdam
27-08-2022 Finish VSAC Amsterdam

Previous meetings

Organising committee

Maarten Wijntjes, Arjan de Koomen, Nim Goede, Catelijne van Middelkoop, Yuguang Zhao, Jeroen Stumpel, Cehao Yu, Margit Lukacs, Mitchell van Zuijlen, David Tiemstra, Rob van Lier

Programme committee (reviewers)

Daniele Zavagno, Lisbet Tarp, Rob van Lier, Rossana Actis, Aaron Hertzmann, Christoph Redies, Anya Hurlbert, Nicole Ruta, Peter Hall, Claus Christian Carbon, Hannah de Corte, Rebecca Chamberlain, Johannes Zanker, Karl Gegenfurtner, Doris Braun, Jeroen Stumpel, Manuela Marin, Bilge Sayim, Kate Storrs, Marco Bertamini, Johan Wagemans, Francesca Di Cicco, Branka Spehar, Dario Negueruela, Ute Leonards, Slobodan Markovic, Andrea van Doorn, Brendan Ritchie, Benjamin van Buren, Claudia Muth, Aenne Brielman, George Mather.