Symposia & tutorials

Call for tutorials and symposia

Deadline: 01-03-2022

Symposia: are (about) 2 hour sessions centered around a theme. You are invited to submit a proposal including speaker abstracts and resumes/background info. Symposia are a great way to focus on a certain topic but at the same time offer a variety of perspectives, so we encourage multidisciplinary groups (also including artists). Reach out to us if you need some advice.

Tutorials: Introduced at VSAC in 2019 with two sessions (art history and image statistics). These sessions do not focus on hot-from-the-press scientific or artistic findings but instead provide overviews that particularly aim for cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer. 

Furthermore, when you organise a symposium or tutorial centred around a funded project, you can contribute some valorisation/outreach budget to the VSAC (e.g. sponsoring artists, offering lunch, ect). This year we need to be financially conservative due to covid risk, so we can use every help we can get. 

Submission guidelines

Please submit a pdf with information below and send it to the email address on the contact page. Also please contact us if you have any questions, need advice or want to shortly pitch an idea.

  • Symposium title
  • Short summary (100 words)
  • Summary (500 words)
  • Info about organisers (name, institutes, etc)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Talk titles
  • Talks abstracts (250 words each)
  • Author names and affiliations